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Here at Steadfast we want to recreate the notion of what a traditional barbershop really means. Our philosophy is that “ the real world is waiting on you right outside our door, so sit down and relax”. As a community, we all live in a busy world where everything is hurried and nothing is enjoyed. So this vision for new traditions of Steadfast Barbershop includes absolute relaxation, good conversation and a way to leave the world behind for a bit to commune with your fellow man.


Steadfast is not based upon a vintage environment nor do we partake in anything because it’s "fancy". Our vision accentuates simple, clean and effective services that can be used to brush off the stress and get back to reality just a little better than you left it before stepping into the shop.


We really hope to bring Asheville a barber shop it deserves. One that will hopefully remain simple and timeless like the city itself. So if you need a little humor, some good couch conversations or you just wanna stop by, please feel welcome. We would be honored to see you all in the shop or in the chair. We look forward to serving you and hopefully giving you an amazing service.

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